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Solid Framework 10.0.12602

The latest release of Solid Framework is now available. The main improvements are Improved character spacing algorithm More accurate layout of justified text Support for combining of characters in, for example, Thai and Arabic documents Removal of artifacts added during PDF creation from Excel – the “A”, “B” and “C” used for columns, and “1”, […]


The latest release of Solid Framework is now available. Improved consistency of conversion, regardless of Operating System Improved detection of page orientation Improved detection of AllCaps and SmallCaps Improved handling of Thai combining characters NSE improvements   These are demonstrated in more detail here.

Solid Framework 10.0.11962

Main improvements include Improved table detection (table edge detection, borderless tables, not falsely marking data as tables) Consistent order of fonts in a .DOCX file Improved header and footer detection Prevention of access violations in low memory environments NSE (non-standard encoding) improvements Better external hyperlink support This version also supports ARM64 processors for macOS.

Solid Framework 10.0.11784

This release contains a large number of improvements Further Improvements to automatic NSE – often resulting in dramatic improvement Support for automatic OCR (where licensed) of images with widely differing horizontal and vertical DPI

Solid Framework 10.0.11516

This release contains a large number of improvements Further Improvements to automatic NSE Improved vertical alignment to more closely match the PDF Support for allowing tables that cross page boundaries to be behave as a continuous table in Word Resolution of issue when converting CJK language documents that contain both horizontal and vertical punctuation characters […]

Solid Framework 10.0.11310

This release includes: Improved automatic NSE detection and correction Improved Mathematical symbol reconstruction Improved reconstruction of non standard bullets Improved All Caps and Small Caps detection Replacement of unmappable characters as graphics Better tolerance of out-of-specification PDFs  


This release includes further improvements in handling of Non Standard Encoded (NSE) files. removal of unnecessary libraries in the Linux version of the framework   NOTE if using QtCreator on Linux, then the project must include a reference to the pthread library.

Solid Framework 10.0.11034

The latest public release of Solid Framework SDK is now available for download from the developer portal at www.solidframework.net. This is version 10.0.11034. The  build includes a bug fix to support non-ASCII characters when exporting to RTF on macOS.