Solid Framework – Versions & Features

Give your products a competitive edge with the Solid Framework .NET developer toolkit. This SDK provides the power to create applications with the ability to create, modify and convert PDF files. Deliver your products to the market faster with the latest technology available from Solid Documents.

Solid Framework Technology is the same PDF to Word technology used by Adobe® since Acrobat® X.

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Internal licenses are not available for cloud based solutions.

Annual Fee:ToolsProfessional
For Internal Use (within single Enterprise)
Not for resale outside the organization
Web Service (SaaS) $500.00starting at $5,000.00starting at $10,000.00
For Distribution and Resale$500.00starting at $15,000.00starting at $25,000.00

Technical SupportLearn more getting support

Technical Support:Tools
Support with programming issues and custom sample codeYesYesYes
Document Conversion Options
Document Conversion Features:ToolsProfessionalProfessional+OCR
Convert PDF Files to Word DocumentsYesYes
Extract Tables from PDF to Microsoft ExcelYesYes
Convert PDF files to reflowed HTMLYesYes
Convert PDF Files to PowerPointYesYes
Convert PDF Files to Data (.csv, MySql, MSSQL and minimal Excel)YesYes
Convert PDF to reflowed Plain TextYesYesYes
Extract Images from PDF FilesYesYesYes
Solid CGM and OCR
Solid CGM and Solid OCR:ToolsProfessionalProfessional+OCR
Document Image CleanupYes
Image SegmentationYes
Image CompressionYes
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)Yes
CoreModel API Features
Core Model API Features:Tools
Access all reconstructed text blocks from the PDF as Unicode through APIYesYes
Obtain original PDF bounds for text blocks in the reconstructed Core Model through APIYesYes
PDF/A Features
PDF/A Features:ToolsProfessionalProfessional+OCR
PDF/A Validation (with detailed report)YesYes
Convert PDF to PDF/AYesYes
Convert Scanned PDF to Searchable (OCR)Yes
PDF/A Validation (simple pass or fail)YesYesYes
Create PDF/A compliant PDF FilesYesYesYes
PDF Rendering Features
PDF Rendering Features:ToolsProfessionalProfessional+OCR
Render PDF pages as bitmaps (for thumbnails)YesYesYes
PDF Editing Features
PDF Editing Features:ToolsProfessionalProfessional+OCR
Browse Content and Internal Structure of PDF FilesYesYesYes
Modify Viewer Preferences and PDF document InfoYesYesYes
Secure PDF Files: Encryption, Permissions and PasswordsYesYesYes