Getting Technical Support

We recognize that your time is important so when you need to report a problem it helps if you include all of the information that we may need to understand the issue.

We have created a guide that helps to explain best practices for reporting problems to us. You can find this guide here.

Email us your questions or issues, and at minimum include:

1. Brief description of what you were trying to achieve and what issue you are experiencing.
2. Which version of the Solid Framework SDK are you using?
3. What type of license (trial, internal, SaaS or public license – include email address the license is under).
4. What platform do you see the issue on (Windows, OSX, 32-bit, 64-bit, .NET, native). Please include version of operating system.
5. Does the problem occur with all files, or just a single file?
6. Can the problem be repeated?