We take what we do seriously. And we take what you do with Solid Framework seriously too.

Sometimes things go wrong and need to be put right.

Critical issues – integration, platform and security problems

We will make all commercially reasonable efforts to resolve within five (5) working days any critical priority Software error, which the parties agree to mean an error which simultaneously affects all or multiple users and where there is no practicable workaround available. Critical software errors include installation and security issues and do not include PDF to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other conversion issues.


We aim to incrementally improve Solid Framework and never let regressions remain.

To support this we have a test farm using many different operating systems that is continuously testing the framework.

We have a test set of more than half a million PDFs that we regularly convert and check that we get the same or better results each time.


We prioritise fixing defects over further enhancements. In particular we aim to have zero cases where we create corrupt documents, or where we crash or hang the machine on which Solid Framework is running.


Reconstructing documents from PDF is difficult and we have a great product.  It’s not perfect yet, but we aim to keep making Solid Framework even better.

Our target market is the reconstruction of business documents, and the improvements that we make are based on the needs of our customers. In particular, we focus our improvements on “real” business documents rather than deliberately difficult, contrived or incomplete samples that are not representative of genuine files.