Using the Solid Framework C++ on macOS (OSX) Sample

These samples can be downloaded and installed as-is and unlocked with a Solid Converter macOS SDK license.

Solid Framework C++ for macOS SDK is available from the developer portal (self-service). These samples will not work with Solid Converter Mac desktop application license.

The source code and SDK for this sample is provided in the form of 2 .dmg files one for OCR included and one for OCR NOT included.

Or a zip file that contains a xCode project.

This sample project can be explored as a reference implementation, built and run.

Steps for Using macOS Native Source Code Sample with xCode

  1. Create a free portal account, download the Solid Framework C++ for  macOS SDK and and generate a Developer SDK license
  2. Download the xCode project file into the same folder as you did for the Solid Framework C++ for  macOS SDK.
  3. Extract each zip into this same folder. NOTE: In Finder you should be able to double click each and they extract right where we want them.
  4. Ensure you have Xcode installed.
  5. Inside the SolidConverter-OSX folder, double click the SolidConverter-OSX.xcodeproj file, which should open Xcode.
  6. In the Scheme Drop down at the top, you can choose either SolidConverter-OSX or SolidConverter-OSX-NOOCR to build each sample app.
  7. After you selected which sample to build, choose Build from the Product menu to Build the sample.
  8. Then select Run from the Product menu.
  9. When the form loads, click on the “Question Mark” in the upper right, then click Unlock.
  10. Enter your license details from your Solid Framework license. After unlock, you are able to use the sample to convert PDF files. NOTE if you don’t unlock the product it will fail when you try and convert.