Solid Framework with Solid OCR can be used to access the content of your image file. Solid OCR will scan through the file and reconstruct clean Unicode text, lines, boxes and images, in reading order, and provide the co-ordinates of the file’s elements as well as their color and font attributes (if text).

This sample can export up to two files.

  • A Text file containing the scanned files information
  • A SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file

The source code for this sample is provided in the form of a zip file. Solid Framework C++ for Windows SDK is available from the developer portal (self-service).

Steps to Extracting Text from OCR – C++ Sample Application

  1. Download the (13KB)
  2. Create a director, for example, C:\SampleCode and download and extract the sample project into your new directory.
  3. Create a free portal account and generate a Developer SDK license.
  4. Download the Solid Framework C++ for Windows SDK and extract it into your new directory. Note: It must be in the same directory as
  5. Extract the .zip file above and the x86 or x64 Solid Framework C++ for Windows zip file from the developers portal (without editing the path names) into your new directory).
  6. Open TextFromOCRNative.sln in Visual Studio.
  7. Right click on your project and choose Properties
  8. From the Debugging option in the Command Arguments, type in the full file path in this order for the following files:
    • Your Solid Framework license.xml file
    • Your source scanned file
    • The file path and name you want your created .svg file to be created. For example c:\myfolder\outputSVG.svg
    • The file path and name you want your created .txt file to be created. For example c:\myfolder\outputFile.txt.

    Example of full Command line arguments: C:\myFolder\license.xml C:\myFolder\sample2.tif C:\myFolder\output.svg C:\myFolder\outputFile.txt

  9. Save then Right click on the project and select Rebuild.
  10. Press F5 to run the sample.