We have provided a selection of samples that illustrate how to use Solid Framework. Each sample demonstrates a single aspect of the functionality available within the SDK.
Before you start however you will need to download a license and the SDK. For Information about how to do this please follow this link.

The samples are available in C#, VB.Net and C++. If you choose the option that you require then the samples will show the sample in that language.

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While you can use these samples to cut and paste into your own work, if you want to create a simple fully working sample then please see https://solidframework.net/sample/getting-started

Convert PDF to Word and Content Extraction:

PDF to Word Converter.

Convert your PDF files to Word documents for easy editing.

PDF to Excel Converter.

Convert tables from your PDF files to Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets. Select pages or entire document.

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PDF to PowerPoint Conversion.

Convert each page in your PDF to a slide in PowerPoint and then edit.

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Convert to HTML.

Convert your PDFs to high quality reflowed HTML while preserving styles, tables and hyperlinks.

PDF Pages to Images.

Render each page in your PDF to a bitmap image file at the dpi and in the image format of your choice.

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Extract Images.

Decode and extract all images from an existing PDF file.

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Extract Text.

Reconstruct text flow order and then extract text from an existing PDF.

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Scanning and Archiving:

PDF to PDF/A Converter.

Convert existing normal or image PDF files into fully searchable ISO 19005-1 and ISO 19005-2 compliant archivable documents.

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OCR for Search.

Add searchable text layer. Easy for indexing and archiving legacy and paper documents.

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PDF Transformers.

Convert PDF Files to Searchable PDF files by adding a Text Layer while preserving the files original Image Compression using our OCRTransformers.

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TIFF to PDF Converter.

Convert legacy scanned TIFF documents into fully searchable and archivable PDF/A documents.

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Validate PDF/A.

Verify ISO 19005-1 and ISO 19005-2 compliance for existing PDF documents and repair common issues.

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PDF Manipulation:

Set Document Properties.

Define Title, Author, Subject and Keywords to help organize your documents.

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Acrobat Reader Settings.

Set default view including page layout, initial zoom and page thumbnail view.

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Combine PDF Files.

Combine multiple documents into a single PDF file. Combine PDF files.

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Extract Pages.

Extract pages from a PDF file as a single new PDF or as multiple new PDFs for each page.

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Add security to your PDFs.

Learn how to control who can open, view and manipulate your files.

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