Solid Framework 10.0.9452

The latest public release of Solid Framework SDK is now available for download from the developer portal at This is version 10.0.9452.


HTML Improvements

  • Prevention of duplicated text when exporting to HTML.
  • Implementation of “Windows Connected File” Feature when Exporting to HTML with Linked Images, allowing the folder containing the images to be deleted automatically if the HTML file is deleted.
  • Support renaming of constructed HTML file to an arbitrary name, without causing navigation issues.

Note that this version contains some changes in the way that files are created when exporting to HTML, which could potentially cause minor breakage to existing code.

Other Improvements

  • Add support for optionally retaining headers and footers when converting to Excel.
  • Add support for converting to Unicode Text.
  • Improved editability of some files that were previously reconstructed with text boxes.


Breaking Change

The property PdfToOfficeJobEnvelope.OcrEngine was always set to TextRecoveryEngine.SolidOCR which caused problems if the license did not support OCR.

The property has now been removed. This will cause compile time errors that can be resolved by removing any explicit reference to the property.

This affects: PdfToWordJobEnvelope, PdfToExcelJobEnvelope, PdfToPowerPointJobEnvelope, PdfToTextJobEnvelope, PdfToHtmlJobEnvelope and PdfToDataJobEnvelope.