Solid Framework SDK has been updated.

PDF to .DOCX conversion improvements include:

  1. Fixed an issue causing an unnecessary table row merge
  2. Fixed an issue preventing conversion on Unix for files with long paths filepaths.
  3. Improved scanned page detection to adjust when OCR is enabled.
  4. Fixed an issue interfering with the character placement of certain type 3 font characters.
  5. Resolved an issue resulting in inconsistent OCR of similar scanned pages.
  6. Fixed an issue disrupting the font style assigned to a list indent.
  7. Improved bordered table detection of scanned documents.
  8. Improved header detection.
  9. Resolved an issue preventing conversion of a specific pdf on macOS only.
  10. Fixed a memory leak.
  11. Improved detection of underline style when the graphic line partially crosses a character.
  12. Resolved an issue causing a conversion error on certain Windows 7 machines.
  13. Improved header detection when the body contains a repeated table header.
  14. Resolved an issue resulting in the last character in a text box being clipped.
  15. Improved detection of hyperlinks.
  16. Improved borderless table detection.
  17. Improved footer detection.

PDF to .HTML conversion improvements include:

  1. Fixed an issue stopping a bold font style from being applied.
  2. Fixed an issue resulting in the loss of the background color of a textbox.
  3. Improved text placement in text boxes.

PDF to Office conversion improvements include:

  1. Enabled the loading of the freetype cmap table to ensure correct character detection.
  2. Enabled support for relative path file links in conversion output.

PDF to .PPTX conversion improvements include:

  1. Fixed unnecessary slide rotation.
  2. Improved missing slide auto-rotation.