Solid Framework SDK has been updated.

Feature Update: 

  • Enable support of a licensed installation of IRIS. 


  • [docx] Fixed an issue preventing successful conversion of a file. 
  • [docx] Fixed an issue preventing one image of many from being correctly rendered. 
  • [docx] Fixed an issue preventing successful conversion of a file on Linux operating systems only. 
  • [docx] Fixed an issue preventing the detection of a Table of Contents due to the text order of the file. 
  • [pdf] Fixed an issue preventing PDFA-2b validation of a document when certain font combinations are installed.  

Office Fidelity: 

  • [docx] Improved detection of breaks on scanned documents containing Arabic text. 
  • [office] Streamlined optical character recognition workflow of large documents containing non-standard encoded text. 
  • [office] Allowed page snapshot deletion where annotations exist. 
  • [office] Improved processing of non-standard encoded characters to unicode. 
  • [office] Improved detection of combined characters. 
  • [office] Improved detection of Arabic diacritic characters. 
  • [office] Improved detection of transparent watermarks over scanned pages. 
  • [docx] Improved detection of Table of Contents. 
  • [rtf] Improved detection of characters when converting to RTF. 
  • [docx] Improved detection of shapes when converting to DOCX. 
  • [docx] Improved detection of serial images that contain underlines.  


  • A limited number of third-party libraries have been updated to include the latest security fixes.