Solid Framework 10.0.10974

The latest public release of Solid Framework SDK is now available for download from the developer portal at This is version 10.0.10974.


The main features in this build are:

Support for Medium Weight fonts

Previously, if a PDF used a medium weight font, then this would be substituted even if the font was installed on the local machine.

Medium weight fonts can now be used in the reconstructed document.

Support for Non-ASCII names when exporting to HTML

Non-ASCII file names resulted in links to images that were incorrect. This is now resolved and the images can be correctly seen in all of the major browsers including Internet Explorer and Edge.

Better handling of page headers for documents that start on an even page

Word supports “odd” and “even” page headers.

However it poorly supports adjacent pages having the same type of header. Where this occurs, Word would creates a hidden page resulting in the page count being incorrect.

This was particularly a problem if the first page of a PDF had an even number, since it was assumed that it would be an “odd” page, often causing Word to report an extra page.

The first page of a document can now be either “odd” or “even”, resolving this specific issue.

Support for “TargetWordFormat”

This allows documents to be reconstructed that do not show “Compatibility Mode” when opened in Word 2010 and later. The default value is Word 2010.