The latest public release of Solid Framework SDK is now available for download from the developer portal at This is version 9.2.8564.




TextRecoveryLanguage is used to specify the language of the document that needs to have text recovered by OCR when creating a CoreModel.

Previously this was always set to “english”. It now defaults to “automatic”. For non-English documents this option will now allow the same result to be created whether conversion is performed using the “Converter” classes or the CoreModel.


Improved Merging of Logical Tables

If a table is split over multiple pages within the PDF then an attempt is made to stitch these back together into a single table.

We have resolved issues that prevented some tables from merging correctly.


Improved handling of Chinese Language files

Several issues associated with reconstruction of Chines Language files have been resolved.


Renaming of properties to improve self-documentation

KeepNonTableContent  has been created as an alias for TablesFromContent. The option specifies how non-table text and images within a PDF should be handled when reconstructing Excel documents.

The name TableFromContent does not clearly identify what the option does.

It has therefore been deprecated and users are advised ot use “KeepNonTableContent” instead.