Solid Framework 10.0.15836

Solid Framework SDK has been updated.

PDF to .DOCX conversion improvements  include:

  1. Table of Contents content detection
  2. Anchoring of graphics over multiple cells containing text has been improved
  3. Counting of hyperlinks on pictures and on other graphic objects within groups
  4. Line position in case of Inline Wrapping and DrawingObject type
  5. Spacing of diacritic Thai characters
  6. Detection of textbox and background
  7. Distortion or removal of text over image
  8. Non Standard Encoding detection
  9. Placement of graphic groups inside cells
  10. Rendering of text location in relation to horizontal lines
  11. Table detection, table border styles, rendering of contents, rendering of background and division into columns
  12. Z order detection of images
  13. Support export of shapes anchored to paragraphs that are inside a table cell
  14. Detection of horizontal lines in front of background images
  15. Column detection
  16. List detection

PDF to .HTML conversion improvements include:

  1. Rendering of underscores after a list item
  2. Removal of soft hyphens after conversion

PDF to .XLSX conversion improvements include:

  1. Improved conversion of background gradient colours