Solid Framework SDK has been updated.

Breaking Change: 

PowerPoint slide extraction of a PowerPoint ‘handout view’ now respects the pdf page indexes when selecting a ‘page range’ (subset) of the pdf. Previously ‘page range’ respected the extracted slide index. 

PDF to .DOCX conversion improvements include:

  1. Optimized predefined cmap loading to improve rendering of certain pages of a file
  2. Fixed an issue interfering with header detection.
  3. Fixed an issue preventing a portion of a certain borderless table from being detected.
  4. Resolved issue blocking optical character recognition of certain pages of an internal document.
  5. Fixed an issue halting optical character recognition after the third page of a specific document.
  6. Fixed an issue resulting in a false table being detected.
  7. Improved detection of text background color.
  8. Resolved multiple issues preventing the successful conversion of a specific pdf on Linux only.
  9. Improved header detection.
  10. Resolved an issue preventing the successful conversion of a specific pdf on Linux and macOS only.
  11. Improved borderless table detection.
  12. Improved detection of multiple line spacing in a text box.
  13. Improved column detection in tables.
  14. Resolved an internal issue causing the separation of table content in a specific file.
  15. Updated included libraries with potential vulnerabilities.

PDF to Office conversion improvements include:

  1. Fixed an issue where local font detection was scheduled more often than necessary.
  2. Resolved an issue causing conversion failure when input files contained special.