Solid Framework SDK has been updated.

Feature Update:

Our Windows releases are now compiled with Visual Studio 2022 build tools.

PDF to .DOCX conversion improvements include:

  1. Fixed an issue preventing the underline style from applying to all characters of a word in a specific document.  
  2. Improved our compliance to the OpenXML standard when handling malformed hyperlinks. 
  3. Improved our compliance to the OpenXML standard after text layout improvements. 
  4. Improved our detection of list hierarchy. 
  5. Resolved a page count issue on macOS caused by the Helvetica font. 
  6. Fixed an issue causing a false link to be detected. 
  7. Resolved an issue preventing the detection of a page number in the footer on specific layout styles.  
  8. Improved inconsistent footer detection on specific layout styles.
  9. Improved detection and implementation of inline small graphic groups. 
  10. Improved detection of headers and footers located unusually far from the page edge. 
  11. Improved detection of underline style for descending letters g, p and y. 
  12. Improved detection of different odd and even headers and footers. 
  13. Reduced false detections of section title body content as headers. 
  14. Improved detection of headers when watermark graphics cross the header content. 
  15. Improved detection of borderless tables. 

PDF to PDF/A conversion improvements include:

  1. Fixed an issue with annotations and fields preventing verification of compliance with PDF/A-2a and 2b standards. 
  2. Resolved an issue preventing conversion with PDF/A-1a standards due to the limit for real values.