Solid Framework SDK has been updated.


  • Improvements to pdf rendering clipping algorithms: 
    • Added method for detecting a polygon that had degenerated into a polyline. 
    • Added methods for detecting self-intersections of polygon contours. 
    • Added method for automatic error detection in the clipping algorithm. 
    • Added method for changing the direction of a polygon. 
    • Support for winding/alternate rules has been added prior to polygon clipping. 
    • Rewrote the method for finding polygon intersections. 
    • Rewrote the method for adding the found intersections of polygons to the polygon structures. 
    • All clipping algorithm methods have been updated to operate with the same tolerance. 
    • Improved the accuracy of determining the type of vertices found near a polygon. 
    • Improved processing of polygon edges located very close to each other. 
  • Header and footer improvements specifically targeting one-page documents: 
    • Improved the exclusion of graphic lines, images and labels. 
    • Improved the exclusion of large tables, images and footnotes. 
    • Improved the exclusion of headings and titles. 
    • Improved the exclusion of images or text located close to other page content. 


  • [pdf] Fixed an issue preventing conversion with PDF/A-1a and A-2b standards due to a specific page structure. 
  • [docx] Resolved an issue with CAD source content where vertical text around architectural details is displaced. 
  • [docx] Fixed an issue resulting in the top of characters in one line of text to be clipped. 
  • [docx] Resolved an issue causing five rows of a table to be incorrectly merged. 
  • [docx] Fixed an issue causing two columns of a table to be merged into one. 
  • [docx] Fixed an issue in the clipping engine preventing successful rendering of a specific pdf. 
  • [docx] Fixed an issue causing the last line of a right-to-left direction paragraph to have a hanging indent. 
  • [docx] Resolved an issue where right-to-left text was incorrectly left aligned. 
  • [docx] Fixed an issue preventing the rendering of leader (tabbing) characters in table of contents containing right-to-left text. 
  • [docx] Fixed incorrectly wrapped right-to-left text causing a page overflow issue.  
  • [docx] Resolved an indentation and alignment issue at list items in a right-to-left document. .  

Office Fidelity: 

  • [docx] Improved table of contents detection by optimizing sections across pages. 
  • [office] Improved GNSE detection to independently recognize glyphs and unicodes in separate stages. 
  • [office] Improved support for Arabic diacritical marks using analysis of scale and character spacing. 
  • [docx] Improved border line termination in specific table cases 
  • Improved the left margin alignment of a document. 
  • [docx] Resolved an issue causing text misplacement when viewed on Office 2016 only. 
  • [docx] Fixed a hybrid table detection issue resulting in two additional columns. 
  • [docx] Fixed an issue causing line shapes to be rendered as underlines. 
  • [pptx] Fixed an issue resulting in a block of text in a table to be incorrectly divided into six rows. 
  • [docx] Resolved an issue that caused one table to be incorrectly split into two tables. 
  • [docx] Resolved an issue causing a textbox to be divided in two parts. 
  • [docx] Improved Arabic language character unicode detection 
  • [docx] Improved alignment and indentation of content with right-to-left text direction.