Solid Framework – 10.0.9202

The latest public release of Solid Framework SDK is now available for download from the developer portal at This is version 10.0.9202.


Bug fix when creating PDF/A files

  • Version 10.0.9182 was creating PDF/A files which included streams that were compressed twice using Flate. While technically this is within the PDF specification, it results in files that do not pass PDF/A validation when tested using some third party software. Compression is now only performed once.

Improved handling of list items that extend over a page break when exporting to HTML

  • If a paragraph that represents a list item was spread across multiple pages, then the text that was not on the initial page was moved to end of the list, rather than being considered an extension of the original item. This resulted in a bad reading order within the generated HTML. This has now been fixed.