Solid Framework 9.2.8150.1 Released

The latest public release of Solid Framework SDK is now available for download from the developer portal at This is version 9.2.8150.

Main Features

Faster Detection of Language within OCR’d files

Solid Framework can detect the language of a scanned document which helps to improve OCR accuracy. For files that contained ambiguous language this could be slow.

We have modified the mechanism to significantly faster with these files.


Modified mechanism for specifying the location of Tesseract “traineddata” files

Solid Framework performs OCR for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Greek language documents using Tesseract. For this to work it is necessary to specify the location of the folder than contains the “traineddata” files for the specific language.

The mechanism for doing this has been modified with the creation of a read/write property   TesseractDataDirectoryLocation. This replaces the method SetTesseractDataDirectory.

For further information see Performing OCR using Tesseract.


Further OCR improvements

SolidOCR continues to improve, and this release contains further refinements.