Solid Framework 9.2.8680

The latest public release of Solid Framework SDK is now available for download from the developer portal at This is version 9.2.8680.




Improved Handling of Z-Order when Reconstructing PowerPoint

PowerPoint and Word both support multiple layers of content, with those on top potentially obscuring those beneath. In some situations the order of these layers was incorrect, resulting in text or other items on the page being “lost”. This problem has been resolved for a number of samples which exhibited this problem.


Further improvements in OCR

Improvements have been made in beingh more consistent with font types and styles to provide a more aesthetic document.


Improved tolerance of corrupt PDFs

A number of PDF files that could not previously be converted due to errors can now be corrected and a valid document reconstructed from them.



Ongoing improvements in self-documentation

A number of parameters that used obscure numbers now use Enums instead. This is aimed at improving long term maintainability of code but may cause compile time errors.

This affects PagesModel and PdfDocument classes only.